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Camila Hamel

My Work

Born in New York City, I am a long-term resident of Spain, based in Barcelona.

My interests are many. I studied Fine Arts at the State Univeristy of New York, College at Purchase, and Philosophy and Music at the City University of New York. Later, I studied creative writing, film and animation. I have an abiding fascination for languages and etymology. I speak fluent Spanish and French, so it has been a great pleasure to read Cortázar or Cervantes, Flaubert, Sartre and so many others in the original versions. Literature, music, and art, in no specific order, are passions of mine. 

I love teaching, and I strive to give my students the proper tools for what they want to achieve. Every student is different, and each purpose has a particular set of skills that should be taught in a coherent and engaging manner. This is my enduring challenge and inspiration. Reading Literature is an even better way to understand how to think in English, and that's what my courses are all about!

The Evolution of a Book Idea

Sometimes people ask what makes a person write. I am often struck by the things I see in the street, on a train, citywide or countryside. A single image is enough to put me on the path to a complete story. Recently, a friend asked what inspired me to write The Other Shadow, and I told her that it came from staring at the ceiling. She laughed, but it was what turned into chapter one.
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