My Story

I didn't write as a child as much as make pictures, draw clothing designs, and play musical instruments. As I got older, I started to write poetry, but it wasn't really until fifteen years ago that I started writing fiction. By then I had also been living abroad for ten years and teaching English for about the same amount of time. I would explain English words to my curious students as if I were giving an open house tour. Ground floor denotations go first. Then up the stairs for each connotation, and finally, the many rooms that are its contexts. This is how it all started. 
Being a visual artist, I am often struck by the things I see. A single image is enough to put me on the path to a complete story. Recently, a friend asked what inspired me to write The Other Shadow, and I told her that it came from staring at the ceiling. She laughed, but it's what turned into chapter one.


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