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Camila Hamel

My Work

Born in New York City, I am a long-term resident of Spain, based in Barcelona, where I teach English and English literature. I studied Fine Arts at the State Univeristy of New York, College at Purchase, and Philosophy and Music History at the City University of New York. Later, I studied creative writing, film and animation. I have an abiding fascination for languages and etymology. I speak fluent Spanish and French, so it has been a great pleasure to read the work Cortázar, Cervantes or Flaubert in the original version. and has certainly influenced the way I write. Another thing I love is micro-fiction. By subscribing to this site, you can have a copy of my latest micro-fiction collection.

The Evolution of a Book Idea

Sometimes people ask what makes a person write. I am often struck by the things I see in the street, on a train, citywide or countryside. A single image is enough to put me on the path to a complete story. Recently, a friend asked what inspired me to write The Other Shadow, and I told her that it came from staring at the ceiling. She laughed, but it was what turned into chapter one of The Other Shadow.
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