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Dark Fantasy Fiction

Where the underworlds collide

The Angel of Death has marked Eden with a red star; now her days are numbered. In a city this cruel, only Lars knows how to save her, but for a nagging question: is her love for him real?

A tale portraying the war between Love and Greed, in a place where trading on life means redemption or death.

∼Snippet ∼ Something made the man pause at the threshold of the lounge area, the way you might if someone unexpectedly called out your name. He turned his head and looked at Lars, who was jarred by the color of his eyes. It was wrong—wrong for eyes—but in an instant, they had sucked him in. He recognized the scene as the trading floor of the Assembly. In horror, he watched his own penny stock floating across the digital readout. This could only mean that the mark was on him, the damned red star. He blinked several times and saw that he had never left the Acton. The swiftness of the event almost knocked him to the ground. His heart galloped. He walked around the entire ground floor. The man had simply vanished. The Acton © 2022  All rights reserved

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